Need An Alternative To CallRail? Don't Miss The Best 7

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Need An Alternative To CallRail? Don’t Miss The Best 7

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Marketing, Tools | 0 comments

If you’re looking for a powerful call tracking solution that isn’t CallRail, there are plenty of options to choose from. But which one is right for you? Here’s a quick look at the 7 best CallRail alternatives to consider in 2023.

Best CallRail Alternatives

1. CallTrackingMetrics



  • Dynamic number insertion (DNI) for all landing pages/websites.
  • Browser-based softphone so you can dial anywhere
  • Number porting in or out of CTM so you have complete control over your numbers
  • Advanced Call Tracking so you know exactly which campaigns your calls are coming from
  • Call Analytics so you know what calls are closing sales and pin point opportunities for growth
  • Form Tracking integration so your webforms can connect with the rest of your analytics
  • Intelligent Automation so that your call tasks are automated to increase revenue and productivity


  • Performance: $39 per month for unlimited users, call recording, bulk text messaging campaigns, call routing, $2.50 local numbers, and $3.50 toll-free numbers
  • Growth: $99 per month for marketing agency tools, GeoContact, smart routing, call queues, file sharing, and $1.50 local and $2.25 toll-free numbers
  • Connect: $299 per month for conference calls, smart dialer, internal team chat, $1.25 local numbers, and $2 toll-free numbers
  • Enterprise: Request a quote for personalized training packages, service level agreement (SLA), and a dedicated account manager

Free Trial

Yes: Get 1 Month Free

Our Hot Take

What makes CTM our best choice for call tracking software is the level of analytics reporting and attribution it has compared to CallRail

Multi-channel attributions?! Yes please.

No more using your office number for billboards, social ad campaigns, and search campaigns.

Serious marketers need to know exactly what campaigns are generating revenue, and organizing it using a scoring system and tags.

It’s like a magic organizer that organizes your calls! 


The automated routing system allows you to send different language campaigns to the right customer service representative, preventing them from needing to be transferred.

Overall, CTM is our #1 pick for an alternative to CallRail.

2. Invoca 



  • Signal AI predictive analytics gives marketers an edge in understanding and predicting consumer behavior by giving you data from conversations with customers via your phone conversation.
  • Businesses can take advantage of personalized insights delivered in real-time to gain a competitive edge.
  • Is fully PCI, HIPAA and GDPR compliant, with 99.999% uptime.
  • Offers fully-supported integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce Sales & Marketing Clouds, Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, and more.
  • Ensure successful marketing campaigns with access to keyword-level data that gives you a complete overview of what makes a person pick up the phone for your company.
  • Personalize the customer experience and empower your customer support team by providing them with the data they need to create relevant, personalized conversations.
  • Improve customer journey by including phone call data in CRM systems and other marketing automation platforms. This helps with the next best action that needs to be taken.
  • Reach a new audience with the help of integrations in APIs with Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube, and Adobe Audience Manager. This will allow you to create a high-intent lookalike audience that fits your needs.


Custom Pricing: Contact Sales

Free Trial

Yes: Click Here for Free Trial

Our Hot Take

Invoca’s Signal AI is their hottest selling point.

It automatically sorts and organizes your calls to save you hours of manual work with other call tracking software.

It does have a pricy price point (Alliteration intended). The fact that you need a custom quote tells you that this really isn’t for beginners or new businesses.

My minimum recommendation is for small businesses with 10-50 people–all the way to enterprise level companies.

The conversation intelligence can get you from “What am I doing wrong?!” to “Conversions are coming up the wazoo!”


If calls are a major part of your business and you need to invest in some next level call tracking, analytics, and conversation intelligence, Invoca is DEFINITELY the way to go as one of the great CallRail Alternatives.

“With Invoca, we took an online conversion experience that had a throughput of less than 5% and took it into a phone call that closes in the high 60% range.” –Russell Bangert, Director Digital Marketing (Dish)

3. Convirza



  • Geo routing and call flow builder included in all plans
  • Includes voicemail boxes for each account
  • All plans offer one year of data storage
  • Convirza call tracking reveals your most effective leads to show you exactly how well marketing channels, individual ads, and specific keywords generate new leads and business.
  • The only Call Tracking tool on our list with a robust Pay-as-you-go option


  • Starter: No monthly fee, $4 phone numbers, 8 cents per minute, and 1.4 cents per text
  • Professional: $69 per month for $2 numbers, 5 cents per min, 1.2 cents per text, white-glove onboarding, and API access
  • Agency: $179 per month for $1 phone numbers, 4 cents per minute, 1 cent per text, white labeling, and dedicated account manager

Free Trial

Yes: Get 21 Days

Our Hot Take

One of the coolest things that’s unique about Convirza is its awesome support team. You can actually speak to a real person super-fast! 


When you actually need help, you’ll be speaking to a person instead of a robot or a dog.

Or even having to use only email or chat support.

This is also one of the most affordable tracking solutions on our list because of its pay-as-you-go options!

Definitely worth a try.

4. Ringostat



  • Determine which are the most effective advertising channels and measure phone call conversions with Ringostat.
  • Monitor call agents’ performance by tracking and recording their call and conversion rates.
  • The tool has built-in integrations with Google Analytics, Woopra, Kissmetrics, and Pipedrive, and can be integrated with third party applications via WebHooks and an API.


All tools come with a 14-day trial so it’s great to try before you buy.

  • Virtual PBX 2.0: $33 per 30 calendar days
  • Call tracking: $49 per 30 calendar days
  • Callback: $33 per 30 calendar days
  • End-to-end analytics: $33 per 30 calendar days
  • Ringostat Smart Phone: $33 per 30 calendar days

If you choose to bundle different tools together, there are savings involved. For example, purchasing all five tools above should cost $181 per 30 calendar days, but you pay just $83.

Free Trial

Yes! 14 Day Free Trial for all tools

Our Hot Take

We like Ringostat because it has really flexible options for any types of businesses and can scale up quite easily.

The flexibility of its “choose your own product” system can be good for both startups and large enterprises.

With its custom APIs and Integrations, you can build your own APIs.

So, you can be sure it has a plan to support you and your customers.

It’s like going to a restaurant and every customer gets their own custom order! 

So many possibilities

5. Call Source 



  • Boasts 99.999% uptime
  • Telephone Performance Analysis provides you with the ability to score each CSRs call performance to boost confidence and your company’s revenues.
  • Reputation Management for positively impacting your online customer reviews
  • All-in-one solution for specialized local industries


Like a few other options on our list, CallSource does not provide a free trial, nor does it list its prices. It provides a custom solution through their sales reps.

Free Trial

CallSource currently does not offer a free trial

Our Hot Take

If you are in one of CallSource’s specialized industries (Automotive, Audiology, Home Service, Pest Control, Dental) then I highly recommend you give them a shout and book a demo.

They have a complete solution for call tracking, reputation management, and even call coaching.

They have the service experience of thousands of clients in their respective industries and can provide business and call coaching to their customers.

Giving you the latest tactics and strategy that’s working for thousands of their customers.

It’s like combining a software technology provider and a business coach all in one!

That's Just Good Business

6. WhatConverts



  • Easily sort and filter through lead data
  • Easily create reports that show actionable insights from that lead data
  • No need to use external third party tools, which is more complex and time-consuming
  • Track your call, form, chat, and eCommerce transaction leads, and do it all in one place


WhatConverts Pricing

Plans start from $30/Month and each tier has a 14 Day Free Trial

Free Trial

Yes! All plans come with a 14 Day Free Trial

Our Hot Take

One of the best things about WhatConverts is its database reporting structure.

Most tools allow you to export your data and connect it to third-party application such as Agency Analytics.

With WhatConverts, everything can be done inside the tool!

With custom reporting, there’s really no need to connect to other tools.

It CAN connect to a wide range of tools if you need it though!

It also has native Google Analytics integration so you can be sure you know where your leads are coming from down to the keyword level.

CallRail definitely doesn’t have as good of reporting as WhatConverts.

This is a DEFINITELY recommend if you want an in-depth call tracking and analytics tool.

With the 14-day free trial, this is a no-brainer to try.

7. Retreaver

Retreaver Homepage
Retreaver Homepage


  • Integrations come with all plans and Retreaver APIs support custom workflows
  • The IVR system adapts to the caller, so it doesn’t ask qualifying questions if your database shows they’ve answered the query already
  • First-time users receive an onboarding call demo with the support team to walk through the setup of the first call tracking campaign
  • Retreaver charges a flat fee regardless of whether the number is local or toll-free―you’ll pay just $1 to add a phone number with Retreaver.


Retreaver doesn’t provide multiple plans. Instead, you pay a flat rate of $1 per phone number and 5 cents per minute. Retreaver offers lower per minute rates for usage over 5,000 minutes per month.

Free Trial

As of publishing, Retreaver does NOT offer a Free Trial.

Our Hot Take

Retreaver has to be the most affordable Call Tracking tool on our list, no question.

$1 local or tool free numbers and 5c per minute pay-per-use? Sign me up!

Although Retreaver doesn’t have some fancy features the other tools has, if you just need call tracking and nothing else (form tracking, ecommerce, etc), Retreaver is definitely worth a shot.

It does an excellent job of Call Tracking compared to the other tools, just at a better price! 

The most budget friendly out of all the CallRail Alternatives

That's a good deal


What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a service that helps businesses measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by tracking the number of calls generated from ads or websites.

The call tracking software can be integrated with a phone system to automatically track inbound and outbound calls. This data can then be used to determine which marketing channels are generating the most calls, how long those calls last, and which callers are more likely to buy products or services.

What Is The Best Company For Simple Call Tracking Numbers?

Based on our research, we find that CallTrackingMetrics is the best call tracking software for companies that are looking to improve their customer service and sales.

  • Call Tracking Metrics is easy to use. The software is set up in a way that makes it simple for users to understand and navigate through the dashboard.
  • Call Tracking Metrics has great customer service. They have 24/7 customer support and are always available to help with any issues or questions you may have about their product or services.
  • The software is affordable, which makes it an attractive option for small businesses on a budget, as well as large enterprises with big budgets.

What is better than CallRail?

The best CallRail alternative based on our testing is CallTrackingMetrics.

  • All plans come with voicemail boxes, whereas only CallRail’s lead center package (starting at $145 per month plus $30 to $40 per agent) includes voicemail.
  • CallTrackingMetrics provides customer service via live chat, email, phone, and support tickets. CallRail only offers phone support Monday through Friday and help tickets.
  • CallRail only supplies phone numbers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia, while CallTrackingMetrics offers numbers in more than 80 countries.
  • Call whisper and live listen are standard with all CallTrackingMetrics subscriptions, whereas it’s only available with CallRail’s lead center package.
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